Bizzom Album Review: Rated R by Rihanna

Tue, Dec 1, 2009

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Bizzom Album Review: Rated R by Rihanna
Rated R/Def Jam

Rated R/Def Jam

With the wounds still fresh from the infamous incident in February. The Barbados beauty exited away from the pressuring limelight-and immediately headed back to the studio for her fourth awaited disc.

Getting over a relationship is harder than it seems. But it appears Rihanna uses her new album Rated R as a way to vent out her emotions, which as a result makes for a very vulnerable and often emotional album by the 21-year-old singer.

Rated R begins its journey with a Michael Jackson Thriller-esque intro on “Madhouse”. “Ladies and Gentlemen, to those of you are easily frightened we suggest you turn away now. “To those of you who think they can take it we say-welcome to the Madhouse”.

The 1st single off of “Rated R” is one of Rihanna’s most finest and personal ballads to date-”Russian Roulette”(Ne-yo).The narrative lead ballad proves just how much Rihanna’s vocal capabilities have matured since the previous albums. “Russian Roulette” gets vocally challenging towards the end, but fortunately for Rihanna she succeeds on this particular record.

“Photographs” the gem of Rated R, is a mid-tempo track produced by Black Eyed Peas front man Will.I.AM. Rihanna vocals are mellow and soft-often almost angelic at times on the eletronica record. Not afraid of controversy, Rihanna expresses her feelings or lack thereof about someone of the same sex on “Te Amo” a fiery Latin ballad. “Cold Case Love” is very telling of her previous relationship with Brown. Her voiced is surrounded by a piano and sweet violins at first. But the lengthy six minute track gradually builds and ends with aggressive beat boxing and a satisfyingly ear appeasing electric guitar.

But things are not all loom and dark on “Rated R”. There are tracks reminiscent of past Rihanna records. For instance the aggressive “Hard”(The Dream) w/ Rapper Young Jeezy. Rihanna finds herself boasting a time or two on the cocky track: “I’m the hottest b–tch, in heels right here” and the lyric “Brilliant, resilient. Fan mail from 27 million”. She lives the lifestyle of a Rockstar in “Rockstar 101″-introducing some ear opening lyrics “Check my panties and my bra”-a far cry from the innocent “Pon De Replay” days. “The Good Girl Gone Bad” singer even gets a little flirtatious and cocky on “Rude Boy”. “G4L” is a bit silly and honestly one of the forgettable tracks off “Rated R”, but a fun cut nonetheless.

Rated R couldn’t have ended better with “The Last Song”. The ballad finds Rihanna pondering just “What if?” . The closer track features a beautiful guitar solo, and with that the “Rated R” journey comes to a drawing close.

“Rated R” is what “The Velvet Rope” was to Janet Jackson and “Ray of Light” was to Madonna-very personal albums. It’s raw and emotional at times, but the album shows a fun and playful side of the singer still exists. “Rated R” beautifully displays what the singer has been going through these past couple months. A solid followup to her record breaking album.



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